Pool Party / School Supplies Fundraiser!

Saturday, August 29 4p-8p

Hosts: Bill & Andy
Location: 2001 Royalwood Dr., Arlington, 76006 (map)
Call for directions: 817-718-2424

SCHOOL SUPPLY FUNDRAISER FOR SUMMIT INTERNATIONAL PREPARATORY ACADEMY! The greatest need is for secondary (middle-high school) student school supplies. As the TAX-FREE WEEKEND is August 22-23 (and includes school supplies this year), please bring whatever school supplies you can contribute to students in need from the following list:

3" D-ring Binders
Pencil Pouch
8-Subject Dividers
Lined Paper (College Rule)
Composition Journals
Geometry Set (ruler, compass, protractor)
Pocket Dictionary/Thesaurus
3X5 Index Cards
#2 Pencils
Pink Erasers
Blue Pens
Dry Erase Markers
Glue Sticks
Map Pencils (colored pencils)
Pencil Sharpener
Small Stapler
Bottle Correction Fluid
Large Clips

What else to bring: suit/towel ("textile" before dinner; your choice - bathing suit/no bathing suit - after dinner), sunscreen, and something for the potluck dinner

Dinner Details:

* Potluck dinner to begin at 6:00p
* Sign-up in the comments section below for the covered dish of your choice
* BYOB (bring your own beverages); ice chest/ice provided

So that we can get a guesstimate of the number of men attending for the food, please leave your FIRST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and POTLUCK ITEM in the comment section for this posting.

Thanks, Bill & Andy, for hosting this fundraiser! Summit is a charter school in North Arlington, and is one of the five schools in the Uplift Education organization. One of the schools in Uplift, North Hills Preparatory Academy, was named the 9th Best High School in the U.S. by Newsweek Magazine this past Spring. Last year - in only our second year - Summit moved from "Academically Acceptable" to "Recognized" by the State of Texas, and our goal this year is to move our students to the "Exemplary" ranking. We receive some funding from the state and some from foundations and individuals; however, we have no tax base for additional funds and we are tuition-free to all students. We are considered a Title I School, which means we have a high percentage of poorer students. (About 75% of our students are on a free or reduced-fee lunch program.)
These supplies will mean a lot to the students in my school who don't have the resources to get everything they need. Thanks to all for your help! James


Bridgeplayers wanted!

There is a gay bridge group that meets in Dallas twice a week (Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings). Any skill level is welcome. The group is friendly and helpful. It is open to men or women, though currently all members are men. You needn't have a regular (bridge) partner, since we play Chicago and switch partners on each round. More information:, or email/call Jerry Walsh (214-415-1251).


August Supper Gathering

Saturday, August 22
7:30 PM

Olenjack's Grille

770 Road to Six Flags St E, Arlington, TX 76011 (View Map)

(No events at Cowboy Stadium that night; bridge is out at Collins & I-30, so plan accordingly.)
(817) 226-2600

"Olenjack's Grille is the namesake restaurant of Executive Chief Brian Olenjack, offering contemporary American cuisine with a Texas flair. Olenjack's was recently named one of the Top Ten Best new restaurants in Dallas/Ft. Worth by The Dallas Morning News. The food is simple yet creative and only the freshest ingredients are used in daily preparation. Entrees range from steaks to seafood to pasta..." (Dress Code: Business Casual. View Dinner Menu.)

I will reserve a private room. So that I can give the restaurant a guesstimate of the number of men attending, please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting. When you arrive at the restaurant, ask for the ARLINGTON SUPPER CLUB group.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Saturday, August 8

Hosts: Don & Yuri

Location: 5204 Wimbledon Ct., Arlington, TX 76017-2785 (map)

Call for directions: (817) 466-2768

Clothing optional

What to bring: towel, sunscreen, potluck dinner item

Dinner Details:
  • Potluck dinner to begin at 6:00p
  • NO GRILL, so be creative with your potluck choice!
  • BYOB (bring your own beverages); ice chest/ice provided
  • If attending, please leave your FIRST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and POTLUCK ITEM in the comment section for this posting.

Terry Is Turning 50 (Ouch) - Please help Doug console him

Your Hosts: Terry & Doug

Date: Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time: 8:00 P.M.

Address: 2408 Big Spring Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76120 (map)

We hope to see you all for an evening of good friends and good wine.

Bring your favorite inexpensive (nothing over $10 - $15 unless you are in the mood to splurge) bottle of wine be it red, white, blush or sparkling. We will all try each other's wines and hopefully find something new and interesting.

Please RSVP via email @, or via phone @ 817-460-0594.

For those that are not wine drinkers, we will have soft drinks, cocktails and beer.