• Does your current circle of friends consist primarily of co-workers and family?
  • Are you tired of the bars, yet the prospect of staying home on yet another Saturday night with nothing to do seems equally unappealing?
  • Are you interested in social opportunities for get togethers with like-minded men that don't involve a 30+-minute commute?

This is the initial posting for a new webpage promoting a monthly dinner club for mature gay men in the Arlington, TX, area. In this social club there are:

  • No mandatory meetings;
  • No Minutes or Officers;
  • No dues or subscriptions;
  • No age or residency requirements;
  • No email blasts or endless notices; and
  • Only online voting.

If you're interested in participating, please take a minute to vote in the online polls to the left. (These polls have closed for now, but watch for future polls!) Once a month we'll plan a casual get together at a local eating establishment in the Arlington area and post the date, time and location right here.

Add this site to your browser's "Favorites" and check back regularly to see where the next supper will be held, or email me to be added to a mailing list. (See the information for adding your email list to a mailing list at the top of the left-hand frame.)

I've started the ball rolling – now it's up to you!