Home & Garden Show

Saturday, February 25, 10:00 AM
Fort Worth Convention Center, 1201 Houston Street
Ticket Costs: Adults $10.00 (Seniors: $8.50);$1:00 Off Coupons!

The 32nd Annual Fort Worth Home & Garden Show is the place for you to experience what's new in Home, Gardening, Remodeling, Home Decor, and Much More! The show offers you the opportunity to meet over 400 experts and experience thousands of products and services.

Let's ride together and not fight the parking! Meet at Tom’s Burgers & Grill  (1530 N. Cooper St., Arlington - SW corner of I-30 and Cooper) at 8:30 AM for breakfast. (Alternatively, meet us at the ticket booth/entrance for the opening of the show at 10:00 AM.) Leave your name/email in the comments section for this posting so we'll know to look for you!

February Book Club

Thursday, February 23, 7:30 PM

Location: 2001 Royalwood Dr., Arlington
Email Bill or Call for directions: (817) 718-2424

Insignificant Others (by Stephen McCauley)  Publishers Weekly: Narrator Richard and his partner, Conrad, are a well-adjusted gay couple living in Boston at “the end of the American Century” in McCauley’s adroit latest (after Alternatives to Sex). They have an understanding that allows for the occasional infidelity, but when Richard realizes that Conrad’s current fling may be luring him away, he begins to worry. It doesn’t help that Richard is becoming infatuated with his own insignificant other, Benjamin, who leads a double life as a supposedly happily married father of two. Richard’s problems, though, go well beyond his love life, and with a dry, caustic wit and the occasionally weighty social observation, he describes how he’s coping with his own exercise addiction, his suspicious sister, a client at work who may or may not be on the brink of going crazy, a friend who can’t bring himself to tell his wife about his health problems, and his deeply confused feelings about Conrad and Benjamin. But it’s an unlikely alliance with Conrad’s business partner and the slow unraveling of his problems that adds an unexpectedly and refreshingly sentimental dimension to this accomplished comedy.

  1. Get the book. (Books available at Barnes & Noble or
  2. Read it.
  3. Sign-in on the comments for this blog entry so we know how much dessert to get.
  4. Come share dessert, as well as your thoughts and insights on the book.
All are welcome. So that we know how much dessert to have ready, please add your NAME and EMAIL to the comment section for this event. See you there!

February Breakfast Gathering

Sunday, February 12, 9:00 AM
301 Interstate 20 East (Arlington Highlands); ph: (817) 466-3212

Come Enjoy a Taste of France! Breakfast Menu

Please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting so we know how many tables to pull together and we can look for you. I look forward to seeing you there!

February Hump-Day Happy Hour

Wednesday, February 1, 6:00 PM
200 N Mesquite, Arlington; PH: (817) 366-4776

The Grease Monkey Burger Shop and Social Club team has a goal to change the Arlington Restaurant / Bar experience. “The Monkey” combines hearty burgers, wicked libations, serious music and a party deck destined to be the place to be seen on a beautiful Texas day… Let’s all meet at “The Monkey”!

Come early - stay later - just plan to be there! Sign the comment section for this entry (including your email address) so we can be on the look-out for you. Member repeat request!