March Book Club

Thursday, March 25
7:00 P.M.

Hosts: Bill & Andy
Location: 2001 Royalwood Dr., Arlington, 76006 (map)
Call for directions: 817-718-2424

The Low Road (by James Lear). Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped has long been considered a masterpiece of high adventure. In The Low Road, James Lear reinvents this classic as a satirical, queer, coming-of-age story. In 1705 Scotland, young Charles Gordon reaches adulthood ignorant of his family's heroic past in the Jacobite Rebellion. He sets out to discover the truth about his father, but instead is kidnapped by mercenaries and sold into slavery as the plaything of a group of corrupt military officials. But Charlie’s talents, in and out of bed, win him powerful friends as well as dangerous foes. The false priest, Lebecque, violent Captain Robert, depraved General Wilmott — all contribute to Charlie’s "education." Eventually leading a makeshift army of sex-crazed layabouts, Charlie faces the might of the English forces. Will he triumph, or is it better to retreat to the safety of his sybaritic lifestyle? James Lear expertly interweaves spies and counterspies, scheming servants and sadistic captains, tavern trysts and prison orgies, into this delightfully erotic work that can take its place alongside his acclaimed novels The Back Passage and Hot Valley.

  1. Get the book.
  2. Read it.
  3. Sign-in on the comments for this blog entry so we know how much dessert to get.
  4. Come share dessert, as well as your thoughts and insights on the book.

All are welcome. See you there!




Saturday, March 20
7:00 PM

1st Anniversay of ASC!

BlackFinn American Saloon

Arlington Highlands, 4001 Bagpipe Lane, Arlington (map)
PH: 817-468-3332

So that the restaurant can pre-set tables for our group, please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting. When you arrive at the restaurant, ask for the ARLINGTON SUPPER CLUB group.


March Special Event #2

Celebrate TBRU-XV Weekend
Saturday, March 20, 10:00 PM

The Dallas Eagle
5740 Maple Avenue, Dallas [MAP]
PH: 214-357-4375


March Special Event #1

Oscar Watching Party
Sunday, March 7th

Tony and I are hosting an Oscar Watching Party on Sunday, March 7th, starting at 6:00 PM at our house. (Telecast begins at 7:00 PM.)

Having a casual/potluck gathering during this year's Oscars. Probably a prize or two for those with the best guesses of the winners. (I still have a few movies to watch before the Oscars so I can get my ballot in its best shape. Check out the full list of nominees at Bring whatever you like, we'll have some snacks and drinks here. Feel free to invite friends as well.

We have set up an event on Facebook: (We don't want to put our address out to the web at large, but anyone interested in attending can request an invite on that link or by shooting me an email at

Chris and Tony