February Supper Gathering

Saturday, February 23, 7:00 P.M.
461 East I-20, Arlington, TX * 817-468-1999

In 1989, Larry Marshall and Mike Patranella opened the first Cotton Patch Café in Nacogdoches, Texas. Today, there are 41 restaurants across Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

For the past twenty-four years, it’s been our goal to create a place where real, homemade, fresh food would be served in a comfortable and welcoming environment, full of Texas pride. "Real. Texas. Comfort." That's what we're all about!

While each of our 41 locations has a unique personality that reflects the spirit of its local community, you can bet that anytime you walk into a Cotton Patch Café, you'll find fresh food made in small batches, friendly Texas people and meals that the whole family will enjoy.

A special thanks goes out to all our loyal employees and customers over the past 24 years... you have made our growth and success possible!

Join us for Real Texas Comfort at the Cotton Patch Café.

Please RSVP with your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting so I can reserve seats in advance. Follow-up comments after the event are appreciated to help with planning future events.

February Breakfast Gathering

Saturday, February 16, 8:30 AM
2715 N. Collins, Arlington -- 817-469-9878(menu)
We've been to this restaurant for supper a couple of times, but never for breakfast. Mr. Breakfast gives this restaurant 4 of 5 EGGS! Please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting so we know how many tables to pull together and we can look for you.