DATE: Saturday, May 30th

TIME: 7:30 PM

401 Curtis Mathes Way
PH: 817.465.BOWL (2695)
Map (Arlington Highlands, off I-20 between Collins & Matlock, behind Bone Daddy's)

COSTS: $7/game/person (2 game limit); $4 shoe rental

ATTIRE: No bowling shirt? Wear a colorful Hawaiian shirt!

“Splitsville Luxury Lanes & Dinner Lounge is a lot different than the bowling alley you remember. We’ve polished up the entire gaming experience with a contemporary design and a full-scale restaurant & bar. We’re talking fresh rolled sushi, champagne and dancing the night away.

“The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Splitsville is our innovative design. Our 13 lanes are built in clusters throughout the space, which allows you to view bowling from varying angles and perspectives as well as creates cozy nooks that are perfect for an intimate dinner setting. Our d├ęcor combines hip and retro elements resulting in a playful yet sophisticated environment—the kind of place people feel comfortable hanging out in.

“Between our four chic bars, plasma TVs and gourmet menu, at Splitsville, you can have a blast with or without picking up a bowling ball. We’ve really taken bowling to the next level!”

There is a limited number of bowling lanes. So that I can reserve lanes for our group for a specific time, I'll need a guesstimate of the number of men planning to attend. Please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting by Friday, May 29th. Even if you don't post an RSVP, please come; we just may need to wait for additional lanes if a significant number of additional guys show up. When you arrive at the bowling alley, ask for the ARLINGTON SUPPER CLUB group.

**ALTERNATIVE: Splitsville offers $2 Tuesdays - $2/person/game and $2 shoe rental on Tuesdays. If there is greater interest in having this on Tuesday, June 2, instead of Saturday evening, please leave a comment for this blog entry and we can change nights.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Saturday, May 16*
7:30 PM
Joey's Pizzeria

1121 W Arkansas Lane
(817) 277-7601

This restaurant does not have a beer/wine license; however, they allow customers to bring their own wine. So…

Dinner & Wine Tasting
Bring your favorite wine to share!
Wineglasses & corkscrews will be provided.

Side room has been reserved. So that I can give the restaurant a guesstimate of the number of men attending and they can set-up the room in advance of our dinner, please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting. When you arrive at the restaurant, ask for the ARLINGTON SUPPER CLUB group.

*NEW DATE! The original date was Mother’s Day weekend, and several guys were going to be out of town. Hopefully, there will be fewer conflicts with this weekend.

UPDATE: Join Don, James, Jay, Jeff, Joe, Larry, Bill & Andy, Chris & Tony, Doug & Terry, Joe & Mark, John & Dave, John & Howard, John & Larry, Ken & Steve, Mat & Chad and others at this supper. I look forward to seeing you there and sharing a glass of wine!

May 2: Drum & Bugle Corps Fundraiser

Tony and I are hosting a Margarita Pour Saturday night, May 2, at our house from 7-10pm. This event is a fundraiser for the Drum & Bugle Corps that I run (a group from TN, we are moving to TX).

We would like to invite the Supper Club members to attend.

It's a $10 minimum donation, and people need to bring their own glass (we will have a contest for the most unique or fabulous glass). The donation guarantees them at least 4 drinks.

We have a facebook event created for event ( and people can RSVP there, or leave your name and email address here as a comment and I'll email more information to you.

Thanks so much!

Chris Green, Corps Director
Memphis Sound
To leave a voice mail for the corps: 901-405-9476
Facebook Campaign -

dfwteddy (James): Many of you may remember meeting Chris and Tony at the first dinner meeting. I'm pleased they are opening their home for this event, and hope many of you will attend.