Saturday, May 16*
7:30 PM
Joey's Pizzeria

1121 W Arkansas Lane
(817) 277-7601

This restaurant does not have a beer/wine license; however, they allow customers to bring their own wine. So…

Dinner & Wine Tasting
Bring your favorite wine to share!
Wineglasses & corkscrews will be provided.

Side room has been reserved. So that I can give the restaurant a guesstimate of the number of men attending and they can set-up the room in advance of our dinner, please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting. When you arrive at the restaurant, ask for the ARLINGTON SUPPER CLUB group.

*NEW DATE! The original date was Mother’s Day weekend, and several guys were going to be out of town. Hopefully, there will be fewer conflicts with this weekend.

UPDATE: Join Don, James, Jay, Jeff, Joe, Larry, Bill & Andy, Chris & Tony, Doug & Terry, Joe & Mark, John & Dave, John & Howard, John & Larry, Ken & Steve, Mat & Chad and others at this supper. I look forward to seeing you there and sharing a glass of wine!


John said...

I'll be there

Anonymous said...

ken and Steve 2

Anonymous said...

Chris and Tony are planning on being there!

sprjades said...

I will be there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Count us in. Howard & John

Terry said...

Doug and Terry are looking forward to it.

kingsway807 said...

Andy and I will be there. We're looking forward to it.

carpediem915 said...

I wish I could make it...but will be out of town. I will catch up with you guys next month.


Anonymous said...


I will be there.

Anonymous said...


I will be there and maybe Yuri.

furrbear said...

John /

Dave and I are planning to be there.

ZeroAgent said...

Joe ( & Mark will be there...finally, free from work in Paris!