Saturday, August 8

Hosts: Don & Yuri

Location: 5204 Wimbledon Ct., Arlington, TX 76017-2785 (map)

Call for directions: (817) 466-2768

Clothing optional

What to bring: towel, sunscreen, potluck dinner item

Dinner Details:
  • Potluck dinner to begin at 6:00p
  • NO GRILL, so be creative with your potluck choice!
  • BYOB (bring your own beverages); ice chest/ice provided
  • If attending, please leave your FIRST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and POTLUCK ITEM in the comment section for this posting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Rich here. I'll plan to make some "rice dressing pies" -aka- "cajun dirty rice". They're GREAT tasting (slightly spicy) and VERY easy to eat, as they're half the size of a bread plate. ..perfect for finger foods - poolside!
Dave says he'll plan to make a couple "icebox pies" (standard size-graham cracker crust) with tropical fruits and natural sweetners! ...makes ya just want to take off all your clothes n roll around naked it it!! LOL
Questions or comments, feel free to contact (
Thanks for the invite, looking forward to it!

mk2bear said...

Hey men,

I plan on trying to make it. will Make some kind of appetizer or dessert thing. said...

Bucket of fried chicken! James

HappyMan said...

Looking forward to being with all of you. "Texas Caviar"--blackyed pea salad. Ben

Anonymous said...

Hope it's not considerd crashing, but heard about the group from some friends.

Oscar and I will bring roll-up appetizers. Perfect finger food.


mk2bear said...

dangit! Due to family issues, I will not be able to attend....sorry fellas....

John said...

John: Shrimp Pilau w/ Andouille

Dave: soba Noodles w/ Chinese BBQ Pork.