ASC Book Club

Thursday, October 29th
7:00 P.M.

Hosts: Bill & Andy
Location: 2001 Royalwood Dr., Arlington, 76006 (map)
Call for directions: 817-718-2424

While England Sleeps (by David Leavitt)

Publisher Notes: Set against the rise of fascism in 1930s Europe, While England Sleeps tells the story of a love affair between the aristocratic young British writer Brian Botsford, who thinks homosexuality is something he will outgrow, and Edward Phelan, a sensitive and idealistic working-class employee of the London Underground and a Communist party member. When the strains of class difference, sexual taboo, and Brian's ambivalence impel Edward to volunteer to fight against Franco in Spain, Brian pursues him across Europe and into the violent chaos of war.
  1. Get the book from the library or a book store.
  2. Read it. (Sorry, getting the book isn't enough!)
  3. Sign-in on the comments for this blog entry so we know how much dessert to get.
  4. Come share dessert, as well as your thoughts and insights on the book.
  5. All are welcome!
See you there!


3 comments: said...

Last Book Club was great! A lot of fun, so I'll be looking forward to reading and talking about the next book. James

Anonymous said...

This book is great. I'm having a great time reading it. I will be at the Book Club.

kingsway807 said...

the book is good...had a slow start for me but i'm into it now....looking forward to thursday night.