February Book Club

POSTPONED TO: Thursday, March 3, 7:30 P.M.
Hosts: Bill & Andy
Location: 2001 Royalwood Dr., Arlington, 76006 (map)
Call for directions: 817-718-2424

I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS (Josh Kilmer-Purcell) In the go-go '90s, Kilmer-Purcell spent his days as an advertising grunt and his nights hopping around Manhattan's gay clubs as "Aquadisiac," over seven feet tall in a wig and heels with goldfish swimming in transparent bubbles covering "her" breasts. He meets a cute guy, and soon he's moved into Jack's penthouse apartment—which he pays for by working as a male escort. Kilmer-Purcell gives much of his story a Sex and the City-ish spin, finding comedy in the contrast between his and Jack's sweet, cuddly relationship and the sexual demimonde of drag queens, hookers and masochists they count among their friends. But there's always a dark undercurrent: before the two get serious, Kilmer-Purcell's alcohol-impaired judgment frequently puts him in dangerous situations, but things get worse when Jack starts smoking crack during sex parties and becomes addicted. The exact, unpitying detail with which Kilmer-Purcell depicts his downward spiral makes it impossible to look away, especially since it's not until the final scenes that he allows himself to succumb to sentimentality.

1. Get the book. (Books available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com)
2. Read it.
3. Sign-in on the comments for this blog entry so we know how much dessert to get.
4. Come share dessert, as well as your thoughts and insights on the book.

All are welcome. See you there!


dfwteddy1955@yahoo.com said...

I plan to be there. James

kingsway807 said...

i of course will be there...this book is VERY VERY funny...an easy read so even for you 6th grade readers out there, i know you can read this one!!

Anonymous said...

I will be there.

Anonymous said...

I forgot my name on above comment Doug.