Holiday Pool Party

Saturday, July 2
2:00 PM - ???
Hosts: Don & Yuri
Location: 5204 Wimbledon Ct., Arlington, TX 76017-2785
Call for directions: (903) 288-5073

Clothing optional
What to bring: (swim suit), towel, sunscreen, potluck dinner item, your own beverages

Dinner Details:
  • Potluck dinner to begin at 6:00p
  • NO GRILL, so be creative with your potluck choice!
  • Ice chest/ice provided for your beverages
Yes, this is a holiday weekend, but not everyone is heading out of town. So check your calendar and if you plan to attend, please leave your FIRST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and POTLUCK ITEM in the comment section for this posting.


Anonymous said...

Chris and I (Jay) are planning to be there! Will bring a side or two - open to suggestions...

James said...

Plan to be there... KFC?

Anonymous said...

Don will be providing Hot Dogs, Buns, and, not condoms.....condiments (Ketchup, Mustard and Relish).....there will be plenty of Buns in the pool, I will also be providing the breaded kind.

I do have a grill on top of my stove in the kitchen if anyone wants to grill something small.......If anyone out their wants to buy me a grill.....I want a commercial grade Char broil or Weber gas grill (one that can be plumbed into the house).....with two side burners.....that is why I do not have one as of yet.....I have a rich man's taste with a poor man's wallet.

Anonymous said...

Brian & Mark from Carrollton will be there with 2 sides.

Anonymous said...

Terry and Doug will be there, fruit as usual. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Josh will really try to make this one. And I'll do my best to bring a scrumptious dessert along with me. :) looking forward to doing this again. Been too long.

Anonymous said...

I will bring macaroni salad.


HappyMan said...

Ben will be there after it is not so hot. Will bring chips & some dips.