Breakfast Gathering

Saturday, October 20, 8:00 AM

404 North Collins Street, Arlington, TX  (817) 459-4477

Please leave your FIRST NAME for this posting so we know how many tables to pull together and we can look for you. Follow-up comments after the event are appreciated to help with planning future events.


Anonymous said...

Guys, if you get the Clipper magazine in the snail mail (it arrived this past week - there's a "buy one b-fast get one free" coupon in there)for Buttermilk cafe
- John

Anonymous said...

Doug and Terry will be there. Thanks John, we already have our coupon

Anonymous said...

We have our coupon too, see you there,

John & Howard

Anonymous said...

I will not have a coupon since Doofus will not be joining me....but I will see you there.