April Supper Gathering

Saturday, April 27, 7:00 PM
201 East Interstate 20,  Arlington, TX
PH: (817) 465-5225

It was 1978 when two guys who had a great recipe for deep dish pizza opened the first BJ’s in Santa Ana, California. The pizza was an immediate hit and, as years went by, new BJ’s restaurants were opened in beach cities along Southern California’s coastline. In 1996, with seven restaurants in operation from San Diego to Los Angeles, the first BJ’s brewery began production in our new restaurant in Brea, California. The introduction of fine handcrafted beer was welcomed by guests and the newly renamed BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery concept was launched. New menu items and new beers have been added through the years as the BJ’s brand has expanded across the U.S.

So that the restaurant can pre-set tables for our group, please RSVP with your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section for this posting. When you arrive at the restaurant, ask for the ARLINGTON SUPPER CLUB group. (Follow-up comments after the event are appreciated to help with planning future events.)

See you there! 


Tom Martin said...

Thomas Martin (2 persons)

Anonymous said...

Steve (1) person

Anonymous said...

James is there...JR is coming, too.

Anonymous said...

Stephen is coming as well

Anonymous said...

duane will be there

Anonymous said...

I will be there.....maybe
Doofus as well. Depends on if they serve lettuce.