EMAIL RECEIVED 6/9 AM: "A MASSIVE rainstorm moved through our area on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The rain was so immensly heavy that the dam that holds in our beloved pond has been breached. The entire pond has drained and the landscape surrounding the creek has been transformed. As of Thursday morning, we see no way that the east side of the property can be accessed by any of our campers.

"It is with heavy hearts we must cancel our upcoming Mud / Wrestling weekend, scheduled for June 11th thru June 13th. The majority of the activities we had planned were to take place on the now inaccessable side of the property and the now drained pond.

"For those of you that would still like to come out to the ranch, we will, as always, do our very best to ensure you have a fun and memorable weekend. Please keep in mind that we will be in the process of assessing and repairing the unbelievable damage caused by this natural disaster.

"If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 903-479-4189 and thank you all for your understanding and support. We will be updating our website, as soon as we can."

2 comments: said...

Got my tent ready to go! James

Rcleapor said...

Richard ,
Trying to figure out how to go, I have to work Saturday till 7pm so would not get there untill like 9pm, would this still be worth comming out?
Or should I just do a day pass thing on Sunday , any sugestions on this, would be aprecated.