B.B.Q. Potluck

Saturday, April 21 at 7:00 PM
The Lakewood and Arlington Supper Club invite you to a Texas Size BBQ!

The Boys, Beers and Queers potluck event will be the first time the two groups have combined for a night of Texas size camaraderie.

The Lakewood Social Club has a rich 30 year-plus history. It began in the early 1980s by a group of men who lived in the Lakewood area of Dallas. As the years passed, members from all over the metroplex began to be a part of the group.

The Arlington group started 3 years ago this March. The goal was to create a sense of community among the gay men in the Arlington/Mid-cities area. A website keeps the community informed of the monthly book club, breakfast, happy hour, dinner and special events.

The BBQ will follow the Lakewood format.
· The meal is a pot-luck (so men dig out those Texas recipes)
· There will be a $5 per person charge to cover the drinks
· Western attire is encouraged but not required.

Lakewood co-hosts are John Ahne and Sean Stewart; Arlington co-hosts are Terry Garner and Doug Studebaker; and the event will be at the home of Will Fields located in North Arlington.

An Evite is on its way to all members of the ASC; all others may leave a comment in the comment section and your information will be forwarded to the hosts.

*Yes, I realize there is already an event (Main St. Arts Festival) this evening; however, for those not planning to attend the arts festival, please join the festivities at the BBQ!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, will attend.

William Dawson