Pool Party

Saturday, May 26, 4:00 PM - ???
Hosts: Don & Yuri
Location: 5204 Wimbledon Ct., Arlington, TX 76017-2785
Call for directions: 817-300-7130
Clothing optional (social nudity only!)

What to bring: (swim suit optional), towel, sunscreen, potluck dinner item, your own beverages

Dinner Details:
  • Potluck dinner to begin at 6:00p
  • NO GRILL, so be creative with your potluck choice!
  • Ice chest/ice provided for your beverages
So that we can get a guesstimate of the number of men attending for the food/paper products/tables and chairs, please leave your FIRST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and POTLUCK ITEM in the comment section for this posting. Thanks!


1a0b39c6-921a-11e1-aaea-000bcdcb8a73 said...

JIM ShrimpCocktail

Anonymous said...

I will be there

jerry said...

Jerry n John will be there,, not sure what i will bring yet,, said...

Out-of-town family reunion that weekend, so will miss it. :-(

Anonymous said...

Don and Doofus will be there (:-)

Doofus is getting his long awaited hip replacement surgery on the 16th......he will be a new woman....oops I mean prepared and wish him well.

Jerry n John said...

Hi,, we have something come up,, not sure we can make it,, so going to cancell,, will miss a great time im sure,, sorry ,, Jerry n John

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Hi, this will be our first pool party with the group. Not sure what we will bring yet; I'll have to check the recipe book.

Scott & Carl

Ben said...

I am looking forward to the 1st party of the new season. I shall bring a few prepared sandwiches from Subway or Tom Thumb. Somebody bring chips & dip, salsa, etc???


Carl Slaton said...

Scott and I have decided to bring beef enchiladas... Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Carl & Scott