SURVEY: Feedback Requested

Arlington Supper Club Members:

Before I posted any more events here I’d like to get some feedback from you.

It’s been more than three years since the supper club began, so maybe it’s time to re-evaluate some of our programs. In addition to the suppers, we’ve tried a number of other regular events – movie nights, Sunday breakfasts, happy hours, book club, etc. – to varying degrees of success. Lately our attendance has dropped significantly at some of these events – just the summer time conflicts, or is something more going on?

I have created a GoogleDocs survey to gather some information for planning some of these events. Additionally, please post in the COMMENTS section for this entry additional critiques, suggestions, etc. to help me plan events that will meet your needs -  places or activities you'd like to see or do with our group, as well as things we're doing you'd wish we do differently. All of these comments can be made anonymously, so feel free to say what's on your mind. (To add an anonymous comment, click on the COMMENT link, enter your comment in the space provided, choose ANONYMOUS from the identity section, enter the letter/number combo required, and hit submit.)

Please take a few minutes to let me know how the club can better meet your needs.



P.S. After completing the survey, check out the survey results here.


Anonymous said...

I feel more suppers should be "pot luck" and at people's homes....or backyards (makes the gatherings more personal). These are not hard and require not a lot of preparation or individual investment in the stock exchange. Entertainment at these house gatherings could be as easy as "swimming pool socials, if there is a pool", card games, movies (DVDs on a decent Television).......or a Theme night (somethihng that would start off a debate and discussion). Estrogen induced themes would be disallowed, after all this is a men's group.

Above all though, when a person signs up for an activity, whether it be a pot luck social, a pool party, a theater gathering, or a "Compare our ZITS party", they should actually attend or at least say why they will not be attending after they have signed up.

This is not a membership club, meaning nobody pays dues, but there should be common courtesy.

Since everyone knows, I am kind of a naturist at heart, even though the body does not match.....I would like to see other types of events that are out of the ordinary. A trip to BURNING MAN, for example, or to Hippy Hollow in Austin.....we do not have to limit ourselves to the Arlington area. Yes, we want to get Arlington people involved, ie: the reason the club was created in the first place, but the places we go do not necessarily have to be limited to Arlington.

In closing, going out to different restaurants is not objectionable and is fun sometimes......but, for the most part we can not be ourselves in a restaurant......pot luck parties I think would open up the conversation. People's homes do not need to be presteen and perfect.....take my house for instance......all we need is a gathering place sometimes outside of the public forum.

Enough said.

I am always up for a debate, so send your critiques to "".



P.S.: I actually have a lot of fun at the supper club activities that I go to and have met a lot of nice guys. Hopefully we can continue this and make it even better.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your asking for feedback. I have attended 3 events over about a year or so looking for camaraderie and never once felt welcome. In fact, many times people were rude and unfriendly. I sat in a Mexican Restaurant eating dinner with a group of men who particularly ridiculed me because I had a television set in my bedroom growing up. Sounds petty to you? Me too. I get more respect and friendliness from 40-50 straight men at work than I have gotten from the men attending the supper groups.